3 Day Breast Cancer walk NOT on Beach Drive

Not this year…sorry neighbors.  The route for the 3 day walk has just been announced and we are not on the map.  The organizers are trying to give all neighborhoods a chance to enjoy this event.  This year the route will be starting at Bellevue Community College, going along Greenlake and then back to the eastside.

Maybe next year?


  1. You beat me to it … I saw this on the 3Day site (buried in the ‘supporters’ guide) Wednesday night and meant to post it Thursday sometime but forgot till I saw this. There’s a lot going on that weekend so as inspiring a sight as it is, maybe it’s just as well… the Gateway Cleanup is happening that Saturday, for example, and they’re hoping to have hundreds of participants!

  2. I hope you’ll consider going to a cheering station along the route anyway. The walkers thrive on the encouragement!

  3. Hated it when the event was routed on our street in Ballard: loud, obnoxious unending crowd that frankly ruined a quiet Sunday morning; motorcyclists providing support were extremely discourteous – revving their bikes and racing back and forth for HOURS and HOURS. There was never any notification to neighborhood, and unclear whether any kind of permit was obtained to route this event on a residential street. Never did take their signs down. Very poor planning. Not impressed.

  4. slj, I was really moved by the crowd…different strokes for different folks I guess. I’ve lost family members, friends and co-workers to breast cancer so I’m willing to tolerate them invading my neighborhood once in a while.

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