Announcing Beach Drive Blog Neighborhood Referral List

How many times have you needed a referral for a service or have hired help that you would like to recommend?   Well I’ve done enough emailing around and also have been asked by neighbors myself…"hey, who do you know that…" 

It’s time to add a new resource to Beach Drive Blog:  The Beach Drive Blog Neighborhood Referral Resource web-page.   

We are not limited by the categories that are listed.   Who has provided excellent service or is a valuable resource that our neighbors may appreciate or need?   Please share!   In order to go on the resource page, we need the following:

  • Contact/Company Name
  • Contact info (phone number, email, web)
  • Testimonial is not required but is a nice feature.   Just a short sentence on why you  willing to recommend this person/company
  • Recommended by…again, not required but the referral will carry more significance if we know who it’s coming from.  Check out the new page and you’ll see what we have so far.

The people you recommend should be someone who’s service you have personally used–or it can even be you!    By the way, if there’s all ready something in a category that you would like to refer someone too–that’s perfectly fine.   The "blank categories" are resources that I’m often asked for referrals to.    I look forward to your emails for recommendations to add to this neighborhood resource!

Beach Drive Neighborhood Referrals is located under "Beach Drive Neighbors" on the left side of this blog.

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