Chihuahua heading towards SW Dawson

I just returned home from grocery shopping and received this email from Delores:

"I was walking my dog on 50th and Jacobson/Hudson, and heading south on 50th when I saw a sandy colored Chihuahua heading to Jacobson/Hudson. It is an older, male Chihuahua, sandy colored, with white fur on head. It never let me get close to him to check his tags. He has a blue collar and I tried to get him but he kept running away. Last seen heading east on SW Dawson Street. I tried to get a look at his tags to call the owner, and other folks tried to get him, including a really nice Comcast employee, but to no avail.

I am worried for this little guy. He appears to be an older dog, and was clearly distressed.

I didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t take a picture.

Can you please post this anyway?"

Thanks to the neighbor for sending me the email.  Hopefully we can connect the owner and pet.  I did forward this to West Seattle Blog as well (they have a page set up just for missing/found pets).

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