Beach Drive Tear-Down to Townhome Update

4145 Beach Drive SW (pictured below) built in 1908, is applying to have it’s land use change to 1 single family and a two-unit townhome.   Here’s the Notice of Application.   WSB has covered this home as well and we did back in April 2007 when the first dreaded "yellow little sign" was noted in the front yard.


While we’re at it…. here’s the "progress" on two other properties that were recently torn down.

The former "Grandma House" that’s located at 3726 Beach Drive SW now looks like this:



Instead of this:


And this tricky little town home located at 3636 Beach Drive now features a drive-thru so you can access units stashed in the back (you can’t see it from this angle).  BDB first covered this property in October 2007, however it came down so quick, we missed the before picture. 


If my memory serves me, the "before" home was a small cottage that sat back on the lot. Perhaps too small making the land worth more than the home…and creating another "tear-down to townhome".   Here’s my only "before" photo:


I have no updates for the Brown House located at 4233 Beach Drive.   

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