Illusions Hair Design Review

West Seattle Blog recently announced that Illusions Hair Design is one of their new sponsors (I’m a proud WSB sponsor as well).   I like to support the West Seattle community and was tired of driving to Southcenter for my hair cuts…so I thought would be a good opportunity.   

I’m just returning home from Illusions after meeting with Nancy and I’m VERY pleased.   She actually listened to what I wanted from my hair cut (my former stylist, who very nice, had a set idea of what he wanted my hair to look like and would not trim it shorter).  They are professional and friendly…and did you know they are a "no tip" salon?    And they offer free bang trims in between your regular hair cuts.   I also appreciate how committed they are to our community.

What is your favorite West Seattle salon?  We certainly don’t have a shortage of Beauty Salons and Barber Shops in West Seattle…even the pets are well covered in the grooming and care departments!


  1. We didn’t mention this on our site but Illusions is actually the “official hair salon of the WSB team.” All three of us have been getting our hair cut there for some time. It was fun when they contacted us about possible advertising, just before we publicly identified ourselves, and when we scheduled a meeting, we were able to say “we’re actually among your customers!”

  2. That had to be pretty funny! You were under their noses and they didn’t even know it. 🙂

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