The Cats Out of the Bag: WHO is the West Seattle Blog

The infamous West Seattle Blog is coming out of the closet….okay…this has nothing to do with the kind of "coming out" you may be thinking of.   They have finally "dropped the veil" and now have a photo and bio on their "About Us" page.   (DO NOT CLICK THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHO THE FINE FOLKS BEHIND WSB REALLY ARE…sorry for exposing Patrick…however, you’ve probably seen him videoing around various West Seattle events).

I actually met Patrick at the KOMO-4 Bloggers Meet-Up during the summer.  He presented himself as a friend of WSB…but as a "friend only".   He talked about another blog he writes at that time.   I still had a sneaky suspicion that he was more than a WSB friend.   Patrick had searched me out of the group that was there just to tell me that "West Seattle Blog says hi".    And I was honored.

I had toyed with posting Patrick’s photo from the KOMO event and decided not to.  I wanted to respect the privacy of WSB.    Anyhow…now that the cats out of the bag, here’s our photo!


I knew it!   It was also confirmed when I started advertising on West Seattle Blog and received my emails from "Patrick the Sales Guy".   

Too funny…I love it!   Even though the mystery of "who" is gone…I still look forward to all the posts at West Seattle Blog.  How do they do it?

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