Pretty in Pink…The 3 Day Marathoners

What an incredible experience to watch and cheer for all of the wonderful courageous people who are participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Marathon.    Img_5875


It was great to see fellow neighbors will "all out" cheer stations equipped with water and mini-bags of M&M’s.    I just pulled up a chair and encouraged them with "great job" and "almost done" as they walked by.   I wish I would have done more…but I know the marathoners truly appreciated the support.

I trimmed back our cork screw willow which drapes over the sidewalk after it borrowed someone’s pink fuzzy antennas.     We have another marathon, The Northwest Hope and Healing, for breast cancer along Beach Drive next Sunday, September 16.   Let’s support the marathoners again!  If you have shrubs that are poking over into the sidewalk, you might want to consider doing some pruning to make it easier for these champions. 

To see more pictures of this event, click here.

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