Sharrows…share how?


The official sharrows are showing up along Beach Drive with still no notice to the residents.   The only way to discover what the new paint or white-perma-whatever is along the road has been from either the West Seattle Blog or if you happened to attend the last Alki Community Council meeting.  No flyers…no nothing!   Or did the City of Seattle just miss our house? 

Let me begin by saying I have no issues with sharing the road with bicycles.  I ride a bike on the road to.   And, I would much rather see a bicyclist riding on the road instead of zooming down the sidewalks thru pedistrians.   

I’m just not sure what the sharrow is suppose to do?   Autos and bikes all ready share the road….we have been for years.    It’s not providing the bicyclist any more room or safety.   With most residents having to park on Beach Drive and people who are visiting the parks along our neighborhood having to do the same…there’s no additional room for designated bike lanes along our narrow pot-holed road.    How much did the City spend on sharrows instead of fixing Beach Drive so the people in cars (old and young…I’ve seen ya)  can speed faster on it?

If anything the sharrows will just help residents along Beach Drive with parking…the handy white lines will keep us closer to the curb and less in the street.   No real benefit for bikes IMHO.

What do you think?   

UpdateHere’s a link to an article just published from the Seattle PI stating "some wonder if they’re more than just goodwill gestures to cyclists. After all, critics say, what does it really change?"


  1. It does look confusing and I am having trouble seeing how it works. The only thing I can think of is that the bicycle painted on the road might remind certain drivers to share the road but I don’t know it will slow anyone down. I have seen people cause near miss head ons on Beach Drive rather than “God Forbid” slow down for a bike! Apparently BD is not high on the city’s list for paving anytime soon, which I think we are all tired of.

  2. I think it could lead to a false sense of security, too.

  3. This comment was emailed to me from a BDB reader:

    I agree with your take on the sharrows; I’m puzzled when it comes to what they’re supposed to accomplish! The only thing I can think of is increased awareness. Does anyone know the official rules of the road when it comes to respecting cyclists? (I slow down behind them until I can pass safely, which has probably irritated a few drivers in my wake).

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