Sharrows on Beach Drive

Thanks again to West Seattle Blog.   They just posted information about the "sharrows" along Beach Drive, which BDB addressed last week.   If you attend the Alki Community Council meetings, then this is old news for you.    If not, click this link to get the scoop from WSB.

  • Sharrows are designed to let drivers know bicyclist are on the road, too (duh).
  • There will be times when we will not be allowed to park on Beach Drive while the City implements the Sharrow Lanes.   We are suppose to have a 72 hour notice before they restrict our parking.

I’m sorry…a bit of a rant here, you would think our fine City officials would get the word out to those of us who were not present at the ACC meeting last Thursday.   

Maybe the sharrows will get the adult bicyclist off the sidewalks and onto the roads, um, I mean sharrow….

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