Question from a Reader regarding Beach Drive Blog’s Neighbor List

I received this question via a comment earlier today…

" I see a spot on your site for Beach Drive Neighbors, what is in this section and can I access?"

Beach Drive Neighbors (located on the lower left side of this blog) is a secured site.  It has names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of neighbors who live along Beach Drive.    In order to have the login/password, your name and info must be posted on the site too.

I recently added information about the Block Watch Party for our section of Beach Drive the "secure" Neighbor List.  I decided to keep the details a little more private because I was contacted from people who wanted to attend the "block party" as well and that’s not what Seattle Night Out is about.   It’s about meeting  your neighbors in an attempt to reduce crime and to possibly start up a Block Watch.

So if you’re not on the Neighbor List and want to be added, or if you are on the list and have forgotten the login/password, please contact me.

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