Lost Cat along 4000 block of Beach Drive

I just took a picture of this sign…unfortunatley, there is no name, phone number or email to contact the human of this lost cat I may have cropped off the phone number.   If I have a chance, I’ll retake the photo…or if you contact me, I’ll try to contact the cat’s human.   This picture was taken by LaRustica. 



  1. I saw this a few days ago and there was a # so I called and talked to the owner. He was going to contact you with all the info but I guess he didn’t. I may still have the # on my phone…

  2. This is a great cat! We call him “Monsieur Cinq” since he apparently lives in Apt #5 at his apartment house. At least he always seemed to want in #5 when we were on our 5:30AM walk, and meowed at us when he stopped to pet him – I think he was quite insulted when we didn’t let him in. (no key, sorry friend!). I hope things turn out well for both he and his human mom/dad.

    Gentle reminder to folks to keep their cats indoors – there are coyotes in the neighborhood, and lots of busy streets. Please always micro-chip your animals, keep the info current, and always have a collar on your pet with an ID tag. Even if you keep cats indoors…occasionally they get out!

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