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Hi all, this is my first post on the BDB and I have decided I would write about something I know about… Lunch in West Seattle.

I have been plundering the restaurants of West Seattle since the early 90’s and I loves the lunch! In my posts I am going to be your amateur review dood, I am reviewing Lunch only, even though in WS the lunch and the Din Din are often the same… BUT THIS IS THE LUNCHBOX! I take into account the two most important Lunch elements, Taste and $. The atmosphere… maybe a little, Service… maybe—– ITS LUNCH! food and $ thats what matters. I am Single and I work at home so as you can imagine, lunch is the great escape! So here we GO. THAN BROTHER’S PHO This place has become a favorite! One word……. Simple,Simple,Simple Oh’ and very tasty! (one word three times and an emotion).  They have pho and thats it, although it comes in several models… Veggie, Chicken, Meatball and many varieties of beef. The other great thing is that you would have to try hard to spend $10 per person… I find that the small or the Medium is more than enough and both are less than $5… now that kicks $#%. They dont skimp on the basil and shoots either! In an effort to kick it up a notch, you also get a cream filled puff pastry? THAN BROTHERS gets 3 and a half LUNCHBOXES out of 5, I don’t know if their is a five so thats good! So thats my first go around:)

If you think I am correct please send your love letters, if not feel free to shred me! OUCH! Till next time… DON’T FORGET YOUR LUNCH

Editors Note:  Than Brother’s Pho is located at 4822 California Avenue SW, Seattle.   Phone: 206-937-6264

Steve’s Lunchbox Rating: 

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  1. Steve, I’m so hungry for lunch after reading that…I’m going to check it out and let them know that we read “Steve’s Lunchbox Review” at BDB!

    Thanks so much for contributing to the blog…this is great.

  2. I have been to the Than Brothers on Capitol Hill and you are soooo right, those little bites of heaven in 3 cream puffs are reason to visit…next time I am in West Seattle!

    I like your new Lunch Box review Steve.

  3. Than Bros. pho ups the ante with their homemade cream puffs, served while you wait in anticipation for the pho to arrive. A steaming bowl of pho ga is especially gratifying when the flu and cold bugs are waiting to pounce.

    Since the winter of 2003, I will always have a special place in my heart for a little pho place in White Center, which shall remain anonymous. My then 21-year-old son was about to deploy with the National Guard to Iraq for a year. Just before he left Seattle for training in California and the flight to Kuwait, I told him I would take him anywhere in the Seattle area for a meal, no restrictions.

    I had in mind a truly memorable place, intending for the food and experience to tide him over through a year of endless MREs and reruns of the most expensive cafeteria food in the world, courtesy of the military and Kellogg, Brown and Root (aka KBR). (Family and friends also promised to supplement the local offerings with chai tea, instant faux pho, dried nuts and fruit and other miscellanea in care packages from home).

    However, he chose a favorite pho place, where the owner remembered him. Later that year, the owner remembered me when I went back for a few solitary bowls.

    About eight months in to his deployment, a mess hall full of soldiers eating their Christmas dinners was hit by a suicide bomber. About 70 people were injured and 2 died, 44 of them soldiers.

    So for the rest of his deployment, my son – like many other soldiers – mostly lived on care package and snack food he could find in the mini commissaries around the base.

    One of the first things he ate after his return was a large bowl of pho, back where we started.

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