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Check it out:  West Seattle Mag, aka the West Seattle Herald compliments of Matthew Durham former Chief Photographer of the West Seattle Herald, is becoming a blog.  BTW, the photos are great!

PLEASE STAND BY-WestSeattleMag Transitions to Blog is transitioning from an online, commercially supported magazine to a blog format (Retaining Domain Name).
Contributors are still welcome and many subjects covered will be similar.
The will continue to cover West Seattle with a photo-journalistic approach. Additionally there will be opinion and posted comments.

The following are my reasons for transitioning to a blog format:

  • Given very optimistic forecasts, ad revenue would not support an acceptable hourly work wage (based on an extensive financial analysis),
  • Unlike blogs, journalistic publications must adhere to a high standard, reporting the news and not merely publishing from other’s efforts such as previously published articles and transcripts. Meeting this standard each week with sufficient content requires more capital. I plan to give my readers a mix of true journalism and blogisphere content.
  • Postings will be more immediate. Commercial news publications must answer to readership and advertisers with a level of consistency with their timing of released news-resources limited my publication to a weekly. The blog format does require me to be answerable to any time line or deadline.

To all those I asked to share, collaborate or contribute to the WestSeattleMag, the invitation is still open with the knowledge that the content will be posted on a photo-journalistic blog rather than an online magazine.
The blog will start September 1, 2007, given there are no hiccups transferring the domain name.

I’ll post a reminder closer to the unveiling of the new blog in September. 


  1. Marge Carpenter says

    A large whoops – West Seattle Mag is NOT “aka the West Seattle Herald”. As far as I know, Matt’s blog is solely his own and has been since he started it. It has nothing to do with the WS Herald.
    Matt did do some photo work for the Herald several years ago – perhaps that’s the source of the confusion.

  2. Marge, thanks for pointing that out…I missread the information at

    I’ll make corrections to my post ASAP. šŸ™‚

  3. That was close.
    It’s a Don McClain September.

  4. Ted Griffen says

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    Sure is nice here, but it does rain a lot.


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