Don’t Bug Me!

We saw this critter creeping along the sidewalk on Saturday.   Any idea what it is?



  1. Susan Dippery says

    I can’t tell by your photo how long this critter is and if it has a “horn”. If it’s big and has those markings and you have tomatoes, it’s probably a tomato hornworm. They do damage to tomato leaves and stems. They always make me holler when I accidently touch one…(my brother chased me with them when I was little). They grow up to be a hawk moth, a beautiful big critter.

  2. I’m so upset! I’m growing tomatos for the first time…I did some research, thanks to your comment and came up with this:

    So they sting too?

  3. Susan Dippery says

    They don’t sting, thank goodness! The horn and markings are supposedly just to frighten predators(birds). They do a good job startling humans too!

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