Do You Know a Landscaper?

Mpph03441i00001We are in need of a landscaper for our home in the North Admiral District.   I’m calling around for bids right now… and I thought I should put a "shout out" to the neighbors. 

We just need the yard to be "groomed" and a low maintainence garden to be planted in front (this is not a huge space).     We would love your recommendations!   Send me an email or, better yet, share your testimonials with all BDB readers by adding a comment to this post.


  1. Susan Dippery says

    When our old neighhbors to the south got ready to move they hired D’Marios to clean up the lawn and trim the hedge. We were really impressed with the GREAT job Marko did…we would hire him in a heartbeat! The (cell) number is 206-242-2707.

  2. Susan Dippery says

    Just to clarify…D’Mario’s (landscape service) is NOT responsible for the sad state of our hedges now…

  3. Ouch! I was wondering if it was who you recommended and if it had to be done since the rental was advertised with a “view”. Is that on your property or the rental?

  4. Susan Dippery says

    The new owner of the rental next door wanted to give his tennents a view from the deck on the front of the house, thus the chop job. (The hedge, unfortunately appears to be on his property.) I think that we are going to be needing Marko’s services to help us shape up our newly sunny front yard!

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