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Sandi suggested that we have our neighborhood contact info on Beach Drive Blog so that we can reach each other in the event of an emergency or for neighborly events.

We have Beach Drive Neighbors on the blog (left column) which allows me to input the following information (this is the "back side" of the blog that is not seen by the public):

Beachdriveneighbor If you would like to have your information listed, send me an email with your name, website, email, phone number and/or "one-line bio".   (I may eventually make this a separate link if we have enough neighbors listed).

Thanks, Sandi!

Update (2/6/07 10:15 a.m.):  After tinkering around with Typepad, I see that I need to build a different format for a neighborhood directory.    Unless you have a website, the template I’m currently using will not show your information.  I also would prefer to have a link that takes us to the neighbor instead of listing everyone down the side of the page.    Please do send me your information and I’ll work on the new format. 

Update (2/6/07 10:49 a.m.)  I have created a new page for our neighbor directory.  If you would like to be listed please contact me.  I’m not sure how much information you would like to have on the world wide web (most everything is all ready public)?  If you have a blog or would like to promote your business AND you are a Beach Drive resident, we can do that too!


  1. this is such a good thing to have..great idea.

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