200 Wines…So Little Time

On April 14 and 15, The Taste of Washington takes place at the Bell Harbor Convetion Center and Qwest Field Event Center.   Two years ago, my sister-in-law and I did the wine tasting event.   It does get crowded with thirsty people armed with wine glass…it was still fun.   There are several great Seattle restaurants offering tasty tidbits as well.

With General Admission (4:00 – 8:00 p.m. on April 15) at $85.00 per person, it’s not pocket change…but it is a lot of fun!   If you want to pony up a few extra bucks ($125 per person), you can get in extra early at 2:00 for the wine tasting.

April 14 features various classes that you can $ign up for as well.   


Run Don’t Walk…if you like Chardonnay

FloraWe just returned from a trip to Costo in Seattle where we found they have Flora Springs Chardonnay 2005 in stock.   This is one of our favorite summer time wines.   

It’s available at Costco for $20.99 a bottle.   It won’t be there for long.   Wine Spectator has rated this a 92 "Best Buy".



Check out Chuck’s comments on his recent experience at Beato.    I wish I could figure out how to have the Comment Section on Beach Drive Blog show at least a "teaser" portion…if anyone out there is an expert with Typepad blogs (the platform that I’m using for BDB), please let me know.    Since we currently don’t have teaser comments…I’ll give you a little tease from Chuck’s review:

"I would definitely save room for the chocolate ravioli….The wine list is excellent…."

The Comment Section is on the left, just under where you can subscribe to email updates from BDB.   

If you click on the link that has the title the post, it will take you to that post and  you can read the commentary from readers.   And by the way, blogs love to have comments so, as Bob says, don’t be bashful!


On Wednesday, we received a couple bottles of wine and were surprised to find that each bottle was corked.   We contacted the winery and they told us they’ve been having very warm weather in Napa this past weekend.   There was an issue with UPS and apparently, their wines sat a day in a very warm warehouse.    

Just a reminder with the weather warming up, if you’re ordering wines, you may want to have the winery hold the wine until it’s cool enough for shipping.   This was just a fluke and the winery says they will re-ship our order.    And, of course, to always inspect you wine as soon as you receive it.    Cheers!


Because It’s Friday

SellbySeriously though… since we’re talking about wine and it is a Friday… I thought I should share with you one of our favorite tools with regards to vino.   Cellar Tracker is an on-line free (they ask for a donation) system for tracking and organizing your wine collection.    It’s also great for reading fellow enophiles reviews on your favorite wine.   Cheers!