Tall ship riding the out going tide & the pic of the week

Caught up with the Hawaiian Chieftain square rigger on it’s way from Port Orchard to Kirkland where she’ll be fixing her canons on the Lady Washington! Carillon Point Marina will host the two traditional sailing vessels for mock battles and ship tours thru Sept 2nd.



And here is our pic of the week taken by Ron Sterling across the street from Lowman Beach. The controversial Murray CSO Control Facility is in full swing…


 Say goodbye to this 1926 duplex and the other long-standing houses along the strip.


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog 




Retaining wall construction underway along 6000 block of Beach Drive

The long awaited construction project is finally underway along one of the the most historically unstable sections of Beach Drive SW. This notorious slide area has been riddled with controversy before finally being approved for city permitting. Two 12 foot retaining walls with a drainage plan will most likely take several weeks to complete.


An on-looking neighbor commented that this plucked tree was “mainly responsible for holding up the hillside”

The good news is that this potholed and sloped section of Beach Drive will eventually get re-paved! Also appears that an owner located directly below the construction project now has the confidence to plan a new 8071 square foot home


Question is, will this modern answer to holding back the hillside actually stand the test of time? Here’s some historic photos to contend with…


Photo takenOctober 21st 1933 (courtesy of city of Seattle archived photos)


Atlas slide photo taken 1/24/1934 (courtesy of City of Seattle Archives)




Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog


Beach Drive Tear Down Updates


Earlier this month we reported that 6321 Beach Drive SW was approved to be torn down…looks like that’s recently been accomplished (above photo).

Another tear down is (or is by) 5221 Beach Drive SW.


No before picture…and a tough time finding info with the City (could just be me being inept).

Another Beach Drive Tear Down

This property is located at 6321 Beach Drive SW and just received approval to be torn down.


Just a year ago in July, King County public records show that this home sold for 2.1 million and that last month, the City of Seattle required the current owners to record a covenant, acknowledgment of risk and indemnity agreement in a "potential land slide area".

Read the recorded document here:Download CovenantBD.pdf

Hat tip to West Seattle Blog.

Beach Drive Tear-Down to Townhome Update

4145 Beach Drive SW (pictured below) built in 1908, is applying to have it’s land use change to 1 single family and a two-unit townhome.   Here’s the Notice of Application.   WSB has covered this home as well and we did back in April 2007 when the first dreaded "yellow little sign" was noted in the front yard.


While we’re at it…. here’s the "progress" on two other properties that were recently torn down.

The former "Grandma House" that’s located at 3726 Beach Drive SW now looks like this:



Instead of this:


And this tricky little town home located at 3636 Beach Drive now features a drive-thru so you can access units stashed in the back (you can’t see it from this angle).  BDB first covered this property in October 2007, however it came down so quick, we missed the before picture. 


If my memory serves me, the "before" home was a small cottage that sat back on the lot. Perhaps too small making the land worth more than the home…and creating another "tear-down to townhome".   Here’s my only "before" photo:


I have no updates for the Brown House located at 4233 Beach Drive.   

More Beach Drive Teardowns & Shoreline Review

West Seattle Blog has posted two articles that impact our neighborhood. 

Review Set for Beach Drive teardowns-to-townhome/houses .  We documented this home back in April of last year "the yellow sign" first appeared in the front yard.

and What Do You See in the Future for West Seattle’s Shore?

Bulkheads, barges and saving homes from tear downs

A Beach Drive Blog reader asks:

…water is eroding the base of our bulkheads. Anyone know of a contractor that can check it out?

Another reader is looking for a barge service:

…that can bridge from the boat to my bulkhead, as it is on the sound and their is no dock.

Last tid bit is from a reader who offers to save homes from becoming a tear down, she…

might be able to save that little brown house from ending up in a land fill by moving it to a new location and sprucing it up.

Do you know of anyone who can help?

Tear Down on Jacobsen

The house that’s been hanging on the hillside along Jacobsen is in the process of being torn down…finally.


Thanks to Rob for the tip and sending the above photo from his cell phone.



Brown House Update

This house doesn’t even need an address…it’s just known as "the brown house".   Since I was photographing the bungalow tear down on Beach Drive, I thought I’d check out the latest notes posted on the infamous "brown house".


Good news…the home has been winterized!  It is still sitting there all boarded up waiting for it’s destiny of being torn down to emerge from the wreckage as shiny new townhomes!    At least the mattress window coverings are gone and the garbage in the front has been removed. 

Img_5008_2Hopefully the sign in the window dated December 20, 2007 means that they are progressing with this poor old home.

I think it’s safe to say that this is a tear down the locals have been waiting for.

Gone in a Flash

The bungalow at 3726 Beach Drive has been reduced to a pile of rubble and debris.


I wish I had a photo of the home when she was in her glory.   The only one I have is after it was tagged with a yellow sign, abandoned to be torn down.   West Seattle Blog has a series of photos documenting this tear down that are amazing.