Super Yacht Lady Lola cruising by

It looks like Lady Lola may have been leaving Bremerton when we spied her from the shores of Beach Drive. Here’s a pic heading towards Alki Point.
This Super Yacht is 205 feet and available for charter for a mere $365,000… per week! Built in 2002, she was declared the most beautiful yacht of her time. Here’s more info.

If Lady Lola does something remarkable, making her worthy of membership to the Alki Yacht Club, she might be allowed to tie to our buoy!

Seattle Police Department Community Newsletter

The Seattle Police Department has released their community newsletter with important summertime safety tips. You can read the article by clicking here.

Bald Eagles off Beach Drive

The other day, a bald eagle apparently decided it did not want to share it’s small fish. (At least, I think it was a small fish).


eagles fight for lunchI watched as these two flew back and forth, landing on rocks and post off Beach Drive by Emma Schmitz View Point.


I have a couple more photos of the eagles posted at Beach Drive Bungalow.



Anglers at Mee Kwa Mooks

What’s with all the tents at Mee Kwa Mooks today? Well…it’s the second annual Emerald Waters Fly Fest!

This event is free and features a cook-off. Last year, the event was held at Lincoln Park. Mee Kwa Mooks appears to be more conducive for this event with the lack of picnic tables. Click here for more info.


THE West Seattle Garage Sale is TOMORROW

garage saleHats off to West Seattle Blog for organizing the massive community garage sale taking place in West Seattle tomorrow.

We have decided, too last minute to be on West Seattle Blog’s list, to have a garage sale tomorrow.

Our sale includes some brand new items, that we had originally purchased for our vacation rental, Beach Drive Bungalow, like:

  • flatware for 8
  • new pans

We also have:

  • bathroom light fixture
  • used toaster oven
  • bar stools
  • clothes, shoes (some never worn)

I will also have a couple limited edition signed Giclee prints of Rooster of the Sea available.

PS: If you have a Beach Drive garage sale you would like to promote, let us know! We are happy to promote your garage sale on “West Seattle Garage Sale Day” and any day of the year!

Meet Beach Naturalist

Want to learn more about the marine plants and animals off the shores of Beach Drive? Meet trained volunteers with the Seattle Aquarium this summer for their “Meet Beach Naturalist” program. “South Alki” is off Beach Drive south the light house – just watch for the signs. Here are the dates.

2016 beach naturalist

Pair of Common Loons

I was just telling my hubby that in the years we’ve lived here, we have seen a lonely Loon singing but not a pair.


We were thrilled this afternoon to be able to watch two Common Loons.


loons2 loons

Here are some interesting tid-bits about local Loons.

Truck Vandalized on 5600 Block of Beach Drive

A Beach Drive neighbor reports:

My truck was broken into last night. Had a late work day so still had computers and chargers in truck. They took everything plus my workout backpack with gear and running shoes. 5600 block on Beach Drive.

This took place on Friday night. The back side window of the truck was busted out.

Moon setting over the Olympics

april 20 2016 moonset
We have another warm 80 degree day in the forecast. Keep cool, neighbors!

Car Stolen from Beach Drive

This morning a neighbor in the 5900 block of Beach Drive woke up to learn their car was stolen.

The thieves left two bicycles on the top of their driveway in exchange for their 2015 Mercedes SUV.

Here is a photo of the bikes. It’s very possible the the bicycles may have been stolen too.