No Vaccine for West Seattle Commute

After we all successfully flatten the curve on the covid virus, KEEPING the curve on the West Seattle Bridge will be the next hurdle to deal with.

Photo credit to Westside Seattle

SDOT has been busy with mapping out major detour routes funneling drivers to the 1st Avenue South bridge and beyond as the lower bridge is reserved for emergency, port and busing (not sure how strong the argument is gong to be for car owners to opt for cramming into buses on the heals of a pandemic i.e. more cars). Among other routes they’re missing will be the inevitable morning migrations south along Beach Drive and Alki Avenue. I can see traffic cops pulling double shifts at Endolyne Joe’s as Beach Drivers and ferry traffic tangle to get south via Barton & Marine View Drive.

Beach Drive Blog has taken the liberty to amend SDOT’s detour map to highlight what we envision.

With no timeline being offered on bridge repairs, I’d be begging my employer for the night shift!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

LaRustica Restaurant offering Take-Out

Beach Drive’s neighborhood restaurant, LaRustica, is complying with the recent statewide order for restaurants and bars to close until the end of this month. They are now offering take out on Tuesdays through Sundays from 4:00 – 8:00 pm.

In addition, the Pellegrini family is offering 15% during this time. Call 206-932-3020 to place your order.

I’m not sure how accurate this menu is, or what will be available, but it could be helpful?

If a tree falls in the forest…RUN for your life!

I probably shouldn’t be making light of this… my husband, aka our intrepid reporter Scupper, was almost struck by a giant mature maple just moments ago. He was walking our dog on the Mee Kwa Mooks trail when he heard the tree starting to crack. He and our dog literally started to run for their lives. No sooner did the cracking start, the tree came down just missing them.

As one of our neighbors say, hubby used up one of his nine lives by and our dog narrowly escaping this.

Mee Kwa Mooks is filled with mature trees, including end-of-life, maples. It’s not unusual to walk the trails and have to step over recently downed trees. This is the first time (hopefully the last) where we’ve experienced this close of an encounter.

We will be reporting this to the parks department to see if they can target dangerous trees.

Stay safe, friends!

Flood of Debris Hitting our Shores

UPDATE 2/14/2020: Scroll below for more photos by our Intrepid Reporter, Scupper. We have also added a link to the My Coast app under Swell Links. 

Anyone else noticing the increased amount of wood debris along the shores of Beach Drive lately? I could hardly believe my eyes when I gazed out at the low tide this afternoon…

BDB confirmed with both King County & Washington State Dept of Natural Resources that the main contributor is likely from the recently flooded rivers in the region.

According to a spokesperson for DNR’s Aquatic Restoration, all the clean, non creosote soaked wood will be allowed to settle on our local beaches to help contribute to the natural habitat. The person that I spoke with mentioned that they were just out at West Seattle beaches removing toxic coated wood & debris off the beaches. She encouraged us to help promote their new app named “My Coast” that allows anyone to send a picture of toxic debris floating in the sound for cleanup.

The really big stuff floating out neat the shipping lanes is the responsibility of the Army Corp of Engineers. We spotted them picking logs onto a large barge yesterday morning.

Photos from February 14, 2020

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Wind, Rain and Snow…oh my!

We have currently have a Wind Advisory in effect starting at 10:00 am this morning through 7:00 am tomorrow morning. Along with a Special Weather Statement warning of higher risks of landslides due to heavy rainfall.

Wind Alert is predicting a very windy day and shows the same snow forecast as well.

Here are the upcoming high tides:

  • 11.6 ft @ 9:08 am – Fri, Jan 31 
  • 8.00 ft @ 9:40 pm – Fri, Jan 31
  • 11.3 ft @ 9:43 am – Sat, Feb 1
  • 8.00 ft @ 11:07 pm – Sat, Feb 1

Puget Sound Marine Forecast (from 2:41 am)


TODAY: S wind 15 to 25 kt rising to 20 to 30 kt in the  afternoon. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. Rain.

TONIGHT: S wind 30 to 40 kt. Wind waves 5 to 7 ft. Rain.  

SAT: SW wind 20 to 30 kt. Wind becoming NW 25 to 35 kt N part  in the afternoon. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft. Rain.

SAT NIGHT SW wind 10 to 20 kt except NW 20 to 30 kt N part in  the evening. Wind waves 1 to 3 ft except 3 to 5 ft N part in the evening.

We are on the fence on as to whether or not this should be one of our “Barking Dog” reports… this weather is certainly enough to make us whine and whimper. Should the winds really pick up and be from the southwest, then we are likely to see some of water come over our bulkhead. It’s 8:14 AM as I am writing this with just shy of an hour to go before our high tide of 11.6 feet. It’s grey and wet out and I’m hoping that by the time the winds pick up that the tides will be low enough to just give us spectacular spray. We have a lower high tide tonight with potentially stronger winds. 

Bottom line, I think hubby will be making sure our pumps and generators are operational today! 

Wish our Seahawks were playing this weekend and we hope you stay warm and dry.

Mortgage Rates at Record Lows

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I thought I should take a quick moment to share with my neighbors that mortgage rates are at currently at record lows again.

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Plus, 2020 mortgage loan limits for FHA and conventional mortgage loans have increased to $741,750 for “high balance” loans. Loan amounts over $741,750 are considered “jumbo”.

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Buy Your Tickets Now for Shrek Jr.

Proudly presented by Alki Elementary School. You can buy your tickets clicking this link.

Storm Response Map for Seattle

A huge thank you to Stephanie, one of our readers, for sharing this link showing which roads are being serviced in the event of snow. I’ve added a link to this helpful site to “Swell Links” on the right side of this blog.

It appears we have a chance of snow in the forecast until this weekend.

And it looks like tonight will be another windy one. Stay warm, Neighbors!

Send us your Beach Drive Halloween Pics!

This neighbor’s scary yard captured our dog’s attention on our walk today.

Hitch losing a scary stare down with three black cats!

If you have a spooktacular yard, kiddo or pets (or you!) in costume or a favorite Halloween recipe that you would like to share with your Beach Drive neighbors, give us a howl!

Grocery Store Saturation

Our ol’ neighborhood of West Seattle has had plenty of excitement in the grocery store department lately. This month we had the re-opening of the newly completely remodeled PCC as well as the long awaited opening of Whole Foods. Not to be left in the dust, Metropolitan Market has been doing a major remodel to keep up with the new competition.

Yesterday, I visited PCC yesterday and today I checked out Whole Foods and it’s interesting what our grocery stores have and don’t have. I do plan on revisiting and writing a more in-depth post – however, I thought I’d share my first impressions on our current grocery stores in West Seattle. Before we proceed, please know I’m a total foodie, I love to cook and enjoy my wine…and sadly, I am a grocery store snob. I am a long time shopper at Met Market which started when we lived less than a block away from the store and I would just buy enough groceries for that day or what ever we could carry, and walk home. When writing these reviews, I’m probably comparing everything to my long time favorite store.

Let’s start with parking lots. When I went to PCC yesterday (before 5pm) I was surprised at how tight the parking lot is (I’m not a fan of Thriftway’s parking lot either). First impressions of the store – it’s beautiful. I suddenly understood why Metropolitan Market probably felt they had to remodel with this one-two punch coming to West Seattle. The produce is beautiful. Meat department looks great and the to go dishes look fantastic… I need to go back and check them out. I was happy to find Nancy’s non-fat Greek yogurt. The wine department is lacking a little and a bit unorganized. It has a somewhat limited selection of groceries. I probably need to learn how to shop at PCC.

Whole Foods has an underground parking lot that will be especially popular on rainy days. Like PCC, it’s a beautiful, open and airy store. I was surprised at how big the health care section was and that they actually had blankets/throws, slippers, tops, etc. for sale. This section (health/beauty/clothing) took up a significant part of the store. The produce was beautiful and Amazon Prime members receive additional incentives for shopping here. I was able to find Gochugaru for a spicy Korean dish I’m making tonight (which I could not find at PCC or Met Market). I needed some assistance finding horseradish – which I have to say, the customer service was excellent. I could not find maraschino cherries for an Old Fashioned…or any maraschino cherries. Whole Foods has a great looking meat/seafood department and so many “to go” dishes to check out on a future visit. On the elevator back to the covered parking lot, I complimented a woman on her glasses and she asked me what I thought of store and I told her I’m surprised what it had and what it didn’t. She agreed and said other Whole Foods stores have a much larger grocery department than this store which surprised her because of how larger this store is.

From Whole Foods, today I went to Thriftway because I was in search of maraschino cherries – which they had a great selection of. Thriftway is great. I know this probably sounds weird – but I don’t like the parking lot. It’s a bit cramped with the design. Thriftway overall is a solid grocery store. It may not have the new flash that the other three stores have, but overall, it has a wide selection of groceries (probably better than Whole Foods or PCC) and they tend to have better prices. There have been a few items that I’ve been surprised to find priced better at Met Market than Thriftway. Thriftway also has a nice kitchen shop, like Met Market. I don’t think PCC or Whole Foods have kitchen supply departments that compare. Thriftway also has a better liquor and wine department than PCC or Whole Foods.

Metropolitan Market…boy you’ve been putting your long time, loyal clients through some hoops with the remodel…but after visiting Whole Foods and PCC, I understand this move. During the remodel I was kind of put back by how much it seemed MM was trying to be PCC and WH with adding the bulk food bins and bringing back (with an oomph) cosmetics. It’s been hard for a lot of regulars going through the transition and having things move or no longer be available but it all makes sense to me now. Met Market has a great produce and meat department. Hubby has always loved the Cubano and the Rueben is really good too! They have been branching out into so many various “to go” foods that I have not had a chance to try them all out. The kitchen shop is a local resource – especially since J.F. Henry has closed.

I recently started checking out Trader Joes… pretty much because friends of ours buy addictive chocolate covered raisins from there. Since going to TJ’s I’ve started checking out a few other items and I have a new found appreciation for this store too…but I prefer the other stores for produce and meats.

QFC and Safeway… I just don’t find myself shopping there often. The Safeway on Admiral is nicer and you can find some great deals there. Hubby says the liquor guy at Safeway on Admiral is very knowledgeable, funny and very customer service oriented.

Of course I love the West Seattle Farmers Market… just the whole neighborhood experience is worth walking through it on Sundays. I have a hard time buying store bought salad and I’m a little bummed when it’s out of season.

I do plan to write an updated post after I check out the new stores again… I’ll try to include some pics too!

Bottom line, the addition of the new grocery stores means that they are competing for our business. I’m noticing some lower prices at the high priced stores and coupons being sent in the mail… a win for consumers, at least for now.

What are your favorite West Seattle Grocery Stores?