Help Needed for Bulkhead Repair — Who Do You Know?

I just received this comment on a BDB post:

"We live down in the Seola Beach Area and have had some damage to our bulkhead and drains. Can anyone recommend a company who specializes in this?"

With all the bulkheads along Beach Drive…I figure someone out there must know of a bulk head specialist–please comment here and help out a neighbor.


  1. Hi,

    You might want to give Brian Campbell at Campbell Maritime a call. He has a small towing and barge company on Lake Union. He has one boat called the Sea Horse which is a large motorized barge with crane and I’m pretty sure he does this kind of work in addition to his towing work. Anyway, check out his web site and blog at I have followed his daily maritime blog for several years, and I would highly recommend him. He can put material and machines right on your property, directly from the sound. Good luck on your repairs.

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