Hit and Run this Morning

This morning just after 6:00 am, a car was struck along the 4800 block of Beach Drive. Apparently the driver who struck the car, took off on foot heading north onto properties on the 4700 block of Beach Drive.

A person wearing a hoodie was seen on a home camera walking along seawalls heading north towards Emma Schmitz Viewpoint.

A second person wearing a light jacket was also seen on a camera on property on the 4700 block of Beach Drive near the same time.

No injuries were reported.

Hit and Run

UPDATE: Video from a neighbor shows this happened around 1:36 AM on Friday morning. Please check your video to see if you have anything you can share with the neighbor whose vehicle was struck.

Sometime last night or early this morning, a car struck a dark grey Toyota 4-Runner on the west side of the 4700 Block of Beach Drive.

We are assuming that whoever struck the vehicle probably has damage to their passenger side.

If you have any information on who may have done this, please contact us.

Thank you!