Laurel, one of the largest yachts in the world is crusing by

Laurel is the 46th largest yacht in the world and we just spied her cruising north through Puget Sound waters.   In fact, she is the largest yacht built in America (Washington state; launched from Westport) in 75 years at 240 feet.Dsc_0041

According to this article from the Seattle PI, the Pacific Northwest is a “mega yacht hub”.

“Seattle boasts the country’s second-largest number of yacht club members after New York and is home to wealthy enthusiasts from Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen to cell phone entrepreneur Craig McCaw. Don’t look for the new superyachts at the Seattle Yacht Club, however. These boats are too big to fit into the slips.”

She is magnificent!


  1. Rhonda, this post caused us to spend at least an hour combing the web to try to figure out who owns this yacht. Despite what we pretentiously like to think are pretty good web-searching skills … we could not find the name anyway. All sorts of sites where people have reported sightings; where it was built, who designed it, etc. etc. etc. but not a peep about its owner’s name. Funny that something so visible can still maintain the veil of secrecy. The crew’s probably paid pretty well to keep its mouth shut 🙂

  2. This yacht was built in Seattle by Delta Marine Ind.. Delta is a custom one of a kind builder. Westport builds 4 different sized boats and sells them like Winnebegos

  3. It’s pretty cool to have Delta Marine so close by. I learned more about them when I wrote about the Stampede:

  4. I’m planning on having a 20ft , 3000lb motor-boat trucked to Seattle or Blaine and need unloading facilities to transfer onto my trailer. Can anybody give me suggestions on where I could do this or who could help me to do this?

  5. I’m planning on having a 20ft , 3000lb motor-boat trucked to Seattle or Blaine and need unloading facilities to transfer onto my trailer. Can anybody give me suggestions on where I could do this or who could help me to do this?

  6. I’m planning on having a 20ft , 3000lb motor-boat trucked to Seattle or Blaine and need unloading facilities to transfer onto my trailer. Can anybody give me suggestions on where I could do this or who could help me to do this?

  7. The yatch Laurel are currently in Ushuaia, Argentina sitting in the port here.
    It’s a beauty alright. The rumor has it that the owner is Mel Gibson.
    So say the rumors at the dock anyway.(Prefectura Naval aka Argentine coast guard)

  8. I saw Laurel in Ushuaia as well (having just got off Europa after a trip south). I noticed she was flying the British “red duster” so the owner is possibly British or from the commonwealth somewhere. Mel Gibson’s name was mentioned to me as well, and he’s Australian, so that might fit…

  9. Following on from above – after a closer look at the photos I took I’m now thinking it was a Canadian ensign she was flying, so maybe not Mr. Gibson after all…

  10. Hello

    I can confirm 100% that LAUREL is owned by MEL GIBSON – I saw him going up and down during his 3 day stay in Cartagena de Indias /Colombia in the first days of April 2009 !!! He was 6 month earlier in Cartagena visiting the place and he really liked it and came back.


  11. Laurel is currently docked at Straight Wharf in nantucket, MA.

  12. Kirsten Meehan says

    We spotted the Laurel in Edgartown, MA (Martha’s Vineyard) on Sat. July 25, 2009

  13. Fred Hill says

    Currently docked in Sydney, NS. What a beaut.

  14. Francis and Joan Eyking says

    My wife and I spotted it at Cape Dauphin, Cape Breton, NS, Canada yesterday, Aug.2, 2009 and again this morning passing in front of our home on the Great Bras d’Or channel which connects the Bras d’Or Lakes to the Atlantic.
    She is quite the site passing by with beutiful Kelly’s mountain in the background.

  15. Jason MacDonald says

    We were staying in St Ann’s this weekend, and there it was out on the bras d’Or lakes… amazing.

  16. I spotted the yacht LAUREL going throught the Canso Canal in the Straight of Canso this afternoon. What a beautiful yacht!!!

  17. Currently anchored at the beautiful Black Point near Melmerbey Beach in Pictou county. We greeted them with a flurry of small boats and waving hands.

  18. Jo-Anne Wilsack says

    Wow this megayacht is a true beauty. We can see it anchored of Roy Island at Melmerby Beach from our home. Last evening it had all its lights on and it looked like a floating hotel. It was spectacular! Who does own this yacht? Is it Microsoft or Mel Gibson? Posted by Jo-Anne Wilsack.

  19. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Regency in Bar Harbor, ME and the Laurel docked at their dock July 21 & 22. Whoever got off the yacht and tons of luggage carted into the house on the HI property, along with a dresser and numerous chairs. Later the evening, they attended the concert that was at the resort. It was great having the oceanview room with balcony to watch the yacht dock. They did a masterful job!

  20. It’s docked in Charlottetown, PEI as I write this. Quite a sight! It’s huge!!!

  21. It is currently in Summerside. PEI harbour.

  22. The location updates are fun…makes me wish I was on-board!

  23. Just pulled into Nantucket harhour – huge monstrosity.

  24. Still docked, stern in, on the outside of the Nantucket Boat Basin.

  25. Still in Nantucket as of September 3

  26. Yacht LAUREL spotted anchored off Cuttyhunk Massachusetts September 5

  27. Saw the Yacht LAUREL docked in Newport, RI at the Newport Marina on September 7th. Beautiful!!!

  28. We saw Laurel in the harbor at Camden, Maine on Sept. 10, 2009 while sailing on the schooner Surprise. Everyone, including our captain was amazed at the size and beauty of the vessel

  29. Laurel Gaudio says

    Laurel was pulling out of Lincoln Harbor NJ/NYC last night September 25th. I was in awe….and my name is Laurel!

  30. The Laurel is now docked in Norfolk, Virginia next to the Wisconsin Battleship. What a beauty to look at from my balcony.
    Posted by Nancy P
    September 26, 2009

  31. An amazing site to see from the St. Michaels Crab and Steak House in St. Michaels, Maryland. It was leaving the Miles river headed towards the Eastern Bay at 5:20PM. What a treat? We got a even better glance from the St. Michaels Harbor Shuttle water taxi.

  32. 9-30-09 The Laurel is anchored in the Chester River north of Kent Island outside Annapolis MD

  33. The Laurel just pulled into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We watched it from inside the a waterfront building as it sailed by. Awesome.

  34. Docked in the inner harbor in Baltimore just now

  35. Just went down to Inner Harbor to take pics. What a gorgeous yacht. I’ve seen some beauties here but she takes the prize! Lots of crew scurrying around.

  36. She was anchored behind our ketch in St Michaels on Sept 28-9. They were polite (quiet, no wake) neighbors, whomever the owners are. She was quite a sight and the talk of the town during our stay. Whenever we told someone we were anchored out in the Miles River, they asked if we were in the “big blue boat” – since our tender is a blue inflatable, we told them “Na, the blue boat is just our dinghy” – that got some interesting looks. The launch made several trips to shore during her stay in St Michaels. I am told Johnny Depp was in town a few days earlier.

  37. Still in the inner harbor in Baltimore as of this evening. Not much action, I’ve seen a few guys in and out. And I work in front of huge windows that look out onto the harbor.

  38. Laurel still in Baltimore,docked at inner harbor marina as of 10/3@7PM.

  39. Still in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor by the Rusty Scupper Restaurant 10/5/09…

  40. Brian Somers says

    Sitting in the harbor in baltimore as of yesterday. What a ship!!!!!

  41. Laurel seems to have weighed anchor and left berth in Baltimore. Laurel, come back soon!

  42. Laurel has departed Baltimore berth. Safe journey.

  43. Jared Chemay says

    10/9/09 – Laurel was seen docked at Atlantic Drydock in Jacksonville, FL (St. John’s River and Sisters creek intersection) being washed. I was performing customs work and saw it here. I was amazed at the capabilities/ flexibility of the vessel, especially the small craft launch bay. I knew it was special so I searched online which led me here. Wish I were on it.

  44. Laurel has been cruising the Caribean, part of the Windwad Antillies,seen leaving today from Canouan. Her chef has been looking for freshly caught Red Snapper, as are we.

  45. Lauel seen in Canowan on Monday 22 2010 where the guest left the Yacht, rumored with a celebrity. She then set sail.

  46. Tony Mangano says

    Yes this Yacht is owned by Graham Berwind (Private business magnate-headquartered in the Philadelphia Area.) I used to work for one of his companies (like many other of their holdings they make cash hand over fist). Good for them. Some folks are rich others are Wealthy.

  47. says

    im the owners niece..and its so beautiful inside i lovee it!

  48. Being maintenanced at the Rybovich Shipyard in West Palm Beach Fl. Shipyard is owned by H. Wayne Huizenga. Looks like a new paint job. What a beauty.

  49. Just passed my condo going north on the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach – heading for the inlet in Riviera Beach leading to the ocean.

  50. says

    Laurel now docked at Palm Beach Inlet in the berth of the “Celebration”, a cruise ship now out inthe Bahamas.
    The Celebration will return to her berth here at the port at about 6am on Sunday, May 16th. So Laurel must move on before then. She is a beauty, and we hope to see her sail away from our Condo at Palm Beach Inlet.

    Joan and Don G

  51. says

    Laurel left Palm Beach Inlet this afternoon at about 4:00pm (May 15th). She was heading in the direction of the Bahamas. Lucky passengers and crew! We wish her smooth sailing. We hope to hear definitely who the owner(s) might be. We’ll also watch for more news about her.
    Joan and Don G

  52. Wow, that’s a fancy boat! hopefully, I can get me one, one day. haha

  53. July 4th weekend Laurel was seen in Hamilton Harbor in Bermuda.

  54. traveller says

    The Laurel is currently docked in Bar Harbor, Maine July 9, 2010

  55. I can’t imagine how huge that “Laurel Yacht”…Who owns that?


    Interactive Virtual Tour Specialist

  56. Spotted Laurel coming into Castine (Maine) Harbor this afternoon. Truly impressive!

  57. says

    The Laurel is docked at the Bar Harbor Regency Hotel in Maine and has been here the last couple of days.

  58. Laurel just docked into Long wharf, Boston a half hour ago. This is the first time I’ve seen a yacht captain use the tension of the anchor lines to control their lateral shift to port.

  59. Laurel seen docked in Canary Wharf, London, Yesterday 20th September 2010

  60. still at Canary Wharf on 27th sept. seen a load of old people get on it. guess they own it. man i want one

  61. Laurel still docked in Canary Wharf. Have an elevated view of it from my office window! Stunning boat! Haven’t seen anybody of any recognition disembark, thou it is moored up outside a strip club, so good chance it could be Mel Gibson’s!! Haha!!

  62. My dad works at Dakota Creek Industries and they’ve built a hull of this yacht… the paint job cost alone was close to 7 million dollars at the time of it’s launch… seen the ceremony… a great master peace of engineering and building…
    BTW, even known that LAUREL was designed and officially built by Seattle based Delta Marine, it was towed from Anacortes, WA to Seattle, WA for the paint job, and then back to Anacortes, WA on a barge. LAUREL had it’s launch and maiden cruise done from Dakota Creek Inc in Port of Anacortes. The launch ceremony wasn’t anything spectacular, they’ve kept it pretty quiet and there were close to dozen people present, plus some company management.

  63. I worked on the Laurel from start to finish as a marine carpenter. We called it the 236 for 236ft but it came out a few feet longer than expected. We called all the boats by their length. The estimated cost was 70 million but after all was said and done it cost over 100 million. I know for a fact Mel gibson did not buy it then but I guess it’s possible he bought it from the original owner. I don’t remember any of the yacht owner identities being hush hush like this one but after working on the same boat for 2 years word gets out. The owner had something to do with the world trade centers’ tax policy. About 75-80 years old with the same beautiful woman always at his side(about 30-35). Anyway, this thing is amazing.It’s got an elevator, hot tub on the top deck, plasma tv’s that are so big they are called plasma walls hidden behind paintings that slide up, the hull was too big to be fiberblass thats why it’s steel. Delta had to build a new building just to house this thing ( witch I helped with). I gotta say this was the coolest job EVER!!!! It’s just too bad that the second a boat is finished so are alot of the employees that were last to get hired. It was great while it lasted. My buddy got laid off after painting for them for ten years.I can vouch that for the owners money speaks louder than time put in.

  64. The yachts voyage is between austria and new orleans

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