West Seattle 8U All Stars WIN the Pony Regional Championship

EDITORS NOTE: Thanks to Aly for submitting this story to BDB!


Big baseball games on the West Seattle Pee Wee fields this past weekend as The WS 8U All Stars won the Pony Regional Championship. The championship on Sunday was a totally nail biter. The boys did great in a final game against the Montlake Terrace Blue Thunder. Behind for three innings they worked their way back and then took off with strong bats and defense that pulled them out two innings of bases loaded and two runs scored and shut it down in the final inning with a strike out and a throw out by the catcher. Today is the first day John took off his jersey, hopefully I will be allowed to wash it before he plays again.

There is a brief story on the WS Blog which includes a link to fundraising site that I would like to share with the Beach Drive Blog. What a start to summer.

Blog Story:


Fundraising link:


Seahawk spirit on Beach Drive

This home just north of La Rustica on Beach Drive must be the home of the 12th man…or Russell Wilson!


The lighting (nor my camera phone) does this fan’s efforts justice – you got to drive by this at night when you can see the lights.