FREE Everlast Punching Bag (it’s all ready gone)

If you can carry it (75 lbs?), it’s yours! 

3:45pm Update: it’s gone! 


Extra 2008 Calendars

I ordered too many calendars for 2008.   They have a photo of Alki when the Statue of Liberty returned on September 11, 2007.   If you would like to have one…just let me know.   They are 8.5 x 11 with all months on the page with the color photo.


Free Christmas Tree

Wrapped in netting…yours for the taking.   The sign says "FREE".

Posted live by my Treo.

Just north of LaRustica on Beach Drive by the grey condos.

FREE Bed Frame

Just noticed this at 4707 Beach Drive.  I’m not sure if it’s a queen or full size bed frame (the bottom part with the wheels)…but it’s sitting out front, next to the garage with a FREE sign.

Happy HOLLY-days

One neighbors major pruning can be another neighbors holiday arrangement.   The Burkholders, owners of Screamer Hats (we could all wear a Screamer Hat today–brrrr) say the neighbors are welcome to prune some holly from their downed holly tree.    You’ll find this tree near the south end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint.


Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours!

Wow…Free Light Bulbs too!

Free energy saving light bulbs while available at Admiral Metropolitan Market along with the re-usable grocery bags (which require a purchase of $50 or more which hard to do at Met Market).   Published live from my Treo.

FREE Twin Bed Head Boards (gone)

Update:  Going…Going…they’re GONE!

Two twin bed head boards FREE.   They are sitting outside along Beach Drive just south of Jacobsen.  First come, first serve.  They are in as in condition (which is pretty good).

This set includes the wood base, foot board and head board.


This includes a head board and metal frame.