Barking Dog Report: Gale Warning starting this afternoon

It looks like we’re in for another dose of strong winds and rain. A Gale Warning has been issued starting this afternoon through Thursday evening. The forecasted winds combined with the high tide of 12.05 feet at 4:38 pm today are why we’re calling this a “barking dog report”. If you’re new to Beach Drive Blog, a “Barking Dog Report” is issued when we think there’s a good chance of flooding to occur from wind and waves breeching seawalls or bulkheads. We call it “Barking Dog Report” because it’s just like a neighbors barking dog where there could be trouble or it could amount to nothing at all – it’s just a warning or possibly cause for concern.

Here are details on what is currently in the forecast. Links to the weather or under “Swell Links” on this website and embedded in the post so you can check for updated forecast.

Let’s start with the Gale Warning and Marine Forecast:

Puget Sound and Hood Canal-  235 AM PDT Thu Nov 4 2021


TODAY S wind 15 to 25 kt rising to 25 to 35 kt in the  afternoon. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. Rain.

TONIGHT SW wind 25 to 35 kt becoming S 15 to 25 kt after  midnight. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. Rain in the evening then rain  likely after midnight.

FRI  S wind 20 to 30 kt easing to 15 to 25 kt in the afternoon.  Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. Rain.

Wind Alert for Alki 

You can see on the bottom bar, we’re potentially set to have several windy days! With a high tide of 12.05 feet at 4:38 pm this afternoon, if winds are gusting in the mid to upper 30s, and we have 5 foot waves, we could see significant splashing and water coming over bulkheads.

Again, hopefully we’re just barking about nothing! The forecast may be scaled back as soon as I publish this 😉

Stay safe, neighbors!

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