Warning for Parents and Dog Owners about Lincoln Park

We’re just learning from a neighbor that a dog passed after ingesting meth while on a walk at Lincoln Park.

We don’t have information about exactly where or how this happened. The events are very recent and we just wanted to warn neighbors to be careful of their two and four legged loved ones.  Honestly, this tragic event could happen at any park. 🙁

We are heartbroken for the family who lost their beloved puppy.


  1. Lydia Hilbert says

    9/19/2020 1:00 pm.. Just did a walk to Lincoln Park & noticed a homeless encampment just east of path/trail by “LOVE” rock. Where’s there’s One, there comes more!! What are regs/restrictions about camping in City Parks? Also have seen people just passed out in open in the park this summer. We don’t need camps or illegal fires, or any such thing that resembles I-5 encampments in our Parks! Could be responsible for meth that killed dog!

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