Walking the newly closed Beach Drive for Stay Healthy Streets

This morning, after writing about a portion of Beach Drive being closed, my hubby (aka our intrepid reporter, Scupper) and I decided to check out the newly closed road along Constellation Park. I actually did not expect the closure to include Alki Avenue to 63rd (the intersection by Cactus).

Vehicle traffic was definitely reduced. Gone are the cruisers and car clubs hanging out along the sidewalk.

64th was the only side street that I noticed was blocked.

This stretch of Beach Drive is no stranger to cars peeling out. The City has tried passing noise ordinances for this area but I doubt it’s been successful. Neighbors we talked to are pretty pleased with this stretch being closed.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen open parking on a warm sunny day along Alki Avenue.
The closure stretches all the way from Alki Avenue at 62nd to Beach Drive and 62nd. There were still a handful of cars (possibly residents), driving along with bicyclists, skateboards (some motorized) and all sorts of wheeled contraptions mixed with people walking or jogging in the street.

It’s a new experience to walk down the street…it’s a bit liberating. It’s also a lot easier to keep the “safe six” feet away from others.  There are a lot of cars from residents along Alki Avenue to Beach Drive where there are condos, apartments and street parking for houses. This stretch is still very popular (and may become even more so) with bicyclist and joggers. If you’re wearing ear-buds, you may need a shoulder-mounted-rear-view-mirror!

It will be interesting to see how this evolves as bicyclist and resident cars, service/delivery vehicles and rule-avoiders are now dealing with people walking in the Mayor’s new “Stay Healthy Street”.

Please stay safe and be kind! This is a new experience for all of us.


  1. Beach Drive Boi says

    I see the transient in the living in his motorhome is still in residence there at Alki Avenue. He’s been there two months now, violating the 72-hour restriction and the overwidth (vehicles over 80″ wide are not allowed to park overnight outside of areas zoned ‘Industrial’). I wonder if the City will deign to enforce the law, or is he untouchable?

  2. Hi. We’re new residents to the Alki neighborhood. Although some of the race car traffic has quieted down, we still see these cars speeding down 64th, 63rd and Beach drive daily. Being new to the neighborhood, can anyone share how residents have worked with/expressed concerns with Seattle PD in the past? I’m very concerned with these cars racing down the streets which is likely going to eventually result in an injury or death. The noise pollution is also beyond ridiculous. Thanks for your input!

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! I know some neighbors have tried reaching out to Lisa Herbold, our city councilmember. I think the more we contact SPD and the City Council, the better!

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