City Pre-Summer Patrol

Hubby, aka the Intrepid Reporter Scupper, and I were on a walk tonight as I was trying to tell him about how the City of Seattle has decided to increase police patrols in seven neighborhoods for pre-summer… and ALKI is not one of them!

As we are walking home, we see a red Ford Mustang flying south down Beach Drive passing another car. We continue our walk to find a bicyclist who was hit by a glass bottle tossed by the window of the Mustang. She reported this to the police.

I am stunned that Seattle would not include Alki on the list of places to patrol pre-summer and I am even more stunned that Seattle would select neighborhoods.  Why not increase Patrol everywhere?



  1. I am stunned that some idiot would throw a glass bottle (or anything for that matter) at someone from a car. Hope they catch them.

  2. I hope so too, Judy! It’s bad enough dealing with all the speeders on Beach Drive… we don’t need them dangerously passing cars and throwing objects at people.

    • McGruff says

      The key to dealing with speeders is very simple: install speed cameras. People speed because (a) they know with SPD’s abysmal staffing (thank you, Lisa Herbold), the odds of being caught are slim, and even if they are, the fines are minimal.

      I have suggested speed cameras in other venues like the West Seattle Blog, but you always have someone from the ‘tinfoil hat crowd’ start blathering about their (nonexistent) ‘right to privacy’ in public places.

      I suspect those who oppose speed radar cameras are also the selfish folks who speed in residential neighborhoods because, well, they’re too special to be bound by rules.

  3. Herongrrrl says

    They don’t have the personnel to increase patrols everywhere, according to every cop I’ve talked to.

    Was the cyclist ok?

  4. What is every ones opinion on have the speed bumps reinstalled?

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