Ahhh…. the Traffic Calming Speed Bumps

The long awaited speed bumps are being installed along Beach Drive between SW Angeline and Beach Drive Terrace SW.

We can all take a deep breath and relax with total faith knowing that these traffic calming improvements are going to slow down the speeders.


Or will they? They don’t appear to be enough to slow down a Suburu appearing to go the speed limit prior to flying over the bumps. So why are the bumps so minute?

Beach Drive is considered a main road and the new asphalt bumps are apparently as high as they are allowed for emergency vehicles.

We’ll see if the speed bumps provides Beach Drive any calm with the increased summer time speedy cruisers.


  1. I am writing a paper about this purpose of speed bumps slowing down traffic to make it safer for people to go walking or biking on the roads. I was told by my previous mayor of town that we could not install speed bumps in my neighborhood because of emergency vehicles. My main points in my paper are the purpose of the speed bumps because they are made of different types of materials. I am fighting to get speed bumps installed in my neighborhood for the safety of everyone. Question is are they worth having installed for the cost of damaging vehicles or do they even work with different heights of speed bumps. I have seen several different types of speed bumps where its not just a hump but angled bumps in the road.

    • The speed bumps on Beach Drive are so small, it’s highly unlikely they would cause damage to any vehicle… they are pretty much useless in my opinion.

  2. Andy Rottler says

    I was living on Beach drive when the first installed the speed bumps. I think they made a significant difference. I am sure they need to be very careful where they place them. They probably don’t want to install them in the curves because they might be more likely to cause an accident.

    The one thing that could be better than the speed bumps is an automatic ticket system that I believe they have install in other areas.

    If someone is writing up a letter to send to the City I would interested in signing it.

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