Sailboat aground at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint

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morning, SV Pointless buoy pulled up and she drifted into the rocks at Emma Schmitz View Point.

I know about SV Pointless because she belongs to my husband, aka Beach Drive Blog’s intrepid reporter, Scupper.

It has been gut-wrenching to watch. We are forever grateful to our wonderful neighbors who have stopped by to help and who have sent well wishes.

The Coast Guard will not tow a boat that’s ashore. They were only really interested in protecting life (understandably) and were willing to rescue hubby if needed.

SPD’s crew has to get through the locks before they can do anything – that’s an hour wait. The Seattle Fire Department was the only contact we had and, like the Coast Guard, they will not tow either.

Vessel Assist would not come out because of the small craft advisory.

Over the years, we’ve heard from neighbors who enjoy having SV Pointless as part of their view. It’s been a sign of summer. Let’s hope she can be safely recovered.

UPDATE October 4, 2018:

Photo credit: Pamela K Volkman Garrett

Photo credit: Pamela K Volkman Garrett

S/V Pointless was successfully removed from the shores Emma Schmitz Viewpoint yesterday thanks to Global Salvage and many neighbors and friends, including fine folks from West Seattle Yacht Club.

She is now “on the hard” where she is being surveyed for damage. Scupper and First Mate Pat were aboard for her journey to Ballard and report that there were no noticeable leaks.

I’m sure she will be back for our viewing pleasure next summer OFF the shores of Beach Drive.

Photo credit: Rhonda Porter, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Kyra Becker says

    Fingers crossed that she comes through largely unscathed!

  2. Thanks, Kyra!

  3. John Wiest says

    I’m so very sorry

  4. I am so so sorry to hear and see. Fingers crossed!!

  5. JULIE BAKER says

    Mark and I are so happy for the great outcome. As fellow sailors we were happy to help and did a drive by yesterday to See her progress at the haul out. She looked great for what she had been through. Happy sailing!

  6. Eve Anthony says

    Hello, Rhonda & Ron
    We were having coffee, when Charles saw your beautiful sailboat break free. At first, he thought Ron might be on board and taking it to safety. By the time we dug out your phone #, he couldn’t get through. It was heart-stopping to watch the struggle to keep it off the rocks!
    Very happy that damage wasn’t catastrophic. Glad to hear that we’ll get to admire her next year.

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