First Flood of 2016: Coastal Flood Warning in effect until 8:00 and Wind Advisory in effect until 4:00 pm today

The Coastal Flood Warning proved true for our home. We have been pumping out water that has come over our bulkhead since about 4:30 this morning. We are “lucky” that the winds were more south than southwest or we’d have a whole different scenario to contend with.

Please pardon my dark photos and videos!

It looks like somebody may have lost lost their “sail board” (or something like that).

March 10 2016 storm

I will be adding a couple more videos soon.

This video is just past high tide of 14.5 (higher than predicted).

And you can see from this video, that it’s still blowing… hubby just started the pump again.

The Coastal Flood warning remains in effect until 8:00 am this morning…only one more hour to go! Yippee!

We have a Wind Advisory in effect until 4:00 pm today.

Our next high tide is at 5:50 pm and is estimated at 11.42.

Now it’s time for Hitch to help with the clean up!
2016-03-10 06.52.07

I hope all our neighbors are fairing well!

Update 8:30 am:

Here’s a photo from Beach Drive neighbor, Rene, showing a log jam at the Harbor West Condos.

If you have a photo of today’s storm along Beach Drive and want to share it, let us know!


  1. Anyone know what happened to the park bench near Beach Drive and Jacobsen? Just noticed yesterday it’s gone. Was it vandalized or damaged? Will it be replaced?

  2. Robin,
    Appears that the 2 legged benches are all failing at the weld joint just under the wood of the bench. There a few more with the same design near the drinking fountain that had caution tape immediately after the Jacobson bench toppled. (I’ll write a post with pics)

    The newer 4 legged butt rest looks like a much better design for being near saltwater. As far as replacement, we reported a few years back on plans to rebuild that entire section of the seawall.

    Construction was intended to start last Summer but the design work was never finalized. I have an email out to the Army Corp of Engineers asking for any progress & will write a post as soon as they respond. No replacements or additions of benches are planned until the seawall issue gets solved.

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