Petition to repave Beach Drive

bd pot hole driveA Beach Drive neighbor, Jim Unland, wants Beach Drive to be repaved. He is looking for 100 signatures on his on-line petition to repave pot-hole riddled Beach Drive. Whether your drive or bike on Beach Drive, you’re probably very aware of sad state of our street.

From Jim’s emails:

Here is the link to a petition I created.  I am hoping you can put it on your blog and promote it and convince people to sign it and share it.  It is linked to Lisa Herbold’s email and Sue Byers (SDOT).

I have business cards ordered with the website on them and I will be walking the neighborhood giving them out.  Between websites like yours and my walking, I’m hoping to get enough signatures to get some movement on this issue by the City.

…When someone signs the petition, our Councilmember, Lisa Herbold and the two “at-large” Councilmembers, Tim Burgess and Lorena González will be emailed a message simply stating “Please Repave Beach Drive”  The other recipient of this message will be Sue Byers.  She is in charge of repaving at SDOT.”

In 2011, someone with a sense of humor re-named “Pot Hole Drive”.

You can sign the petition by clicking this link:



  1. I signed the petition. I think the condition of this road is an embarrassment, and I’ve lived on Beach Drive for 13 years!

    The only upside of the current condition of the road is that it holds the speeds down. People exceed the speed limit terribly here, and if the road was paved, they’d probably drive even faster.

    • I agree about road and the speeders, beachboy. Yesterday afternoon, I saw some idiot speeding and then pass a car by the Jacobson intersection – very dangerous!

  2. I m going to have to break out the mountain bike next time I ride Beach Drive, or maybe we can start charging the city for inner tube and bent rims.


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