Baby Seal off shores of 4800 block Beach Drive

There’s a very young seal pup that is currently swimming around the 4700-4800 block of Beach Drive. Right now you can hear the youngster calling for (I imagine) their mother.  Earlier this morning the youngster was beached on the shores when the tide was down.  Seal Sitters did photo graph and document the pup and remind everyone to leave this cute pup alone and contact Seal Sitters should he/she wind up on the beach again.


  1. David Hutchinson says

    Seal Sitters has been in contact with the marine biologist at WDFW and would like to pass along the following. The pup is probably premature – there have been no full term births in the south Puget Sound rookeries yet. Harbor seal pups are generally born in our area from late June – September. They spend 4-6 weeks with their mother and are then on their own. If you see this pup onshore, please keep back and call Seal Sitters at 206-905-7325. Adult harbor seals are very frightened of humans and the mother might abandon the pup if people or pets are nearby. Its best chance for survival is with its mother.

    David Hutchinson
    Seal Sitters

  2. Has anyone seen the premature seal pup this morning? If so, can you please call Seal Sitters’ hotline @ 206-905-7325 (SEAL) with an update? We are terribly concerned about this little pup and I would like to get a health assessment photo with my long telephoto if the pup comes ashore. This is truly life and death for him/her. And a reminder once again to please keep a low profile if the pup does come ashore so he won’t be abandoned.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  3. little seal is still there this morning…naturalist was there checking in, not sure how it’s fairing 🙁

  4. The premature harbor seal pup died at 7:18 last evening (Monday). Abandoned by mom and not a candidate for rehabilitation (more detail will be provided on, the pup was given the chance by concerned neighbors and Seal Sitters’ first responders to rest and pass in peace in on a quiet beach. The male pup, nicknamed Ali and a true fighter, was examined postmortem and photos of teeth and partial lanugo fur will help our consulting marine mammal biologist estimate age. Please check Seal Sitters’ update on as we receive more input from the biologist. And thanks to everyone who so graciously allowed SS volunteers to observe and educate neighbors about this sweet little pup.
    Please continue to contact Seal Sitters’ hotline at 206-905-7325 if you have a marine mammal, dead or alive, on your beach.

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