Is this your chair?

We had a request from a Beach Drive neighbor:

Earlier today, there was a white chair sitting outside of a house on Beach Drive between LaRustica and 61st and Beach Drive with a “Free” sign on it.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact place.

Well, nobody seemed to be interested because whoever it was, dumped the chair at the corner of 56th Ave SW and SW Oregon.

Perhaps if you post a picture of the chair, it might pique someone’s memory and we can track down these litter bugs…


So if this was your chair… or if you would like a free chair, please swing by 56th and Oregon and pick it up. 🙂


  1. Unfortunately, the chair is no longer at 56th and Oregon – it has been dragged up the hill to the after-hours party site above the picnic area. I’ve called it in to Parks and Rec (lft msg, of course), but expect the chair will be a favorite seat at tonight’s underaged drinking, campfire, and bottle smashing fest. I had called SPU about chair, since it was originally on their property. They said they would send out an “inspector”. Clouseau?


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