LIVE POST: Vessel Rescue from Puget Sound

UPDATE 3:43 PM by Scupper:



This was the scene within a few minutes following the capsized skiff. The two boats (capsized boat on left & small working boat on right) were heading north together off of Beach Drive SW and appeared to be handling the following seas relatively well. The pictured sailboat was sailing in a SE direction just off the 4800 block then abruptly reversed course and ran north to the scene. I assume they may have been alerted by a Mayday call given that a Coast Guard cutter was closing in fast from the west. You can make out the 3 survivors sitting on the hull.

At the time of the incident, the flooding tide was flowing against the 30+ knot gusts around Alki Pt. This along with the shallower waters can get pretty hairy.




Original post below.

The Coast Guard is currently rescuing a small aluminum boat that appears to have flipped over leaving the passengers to scramble on-top of the capsized hull of the boat for safety. It appears that the boat was traveling with another vessel. A second Coast Guard boat has arrived on the scene.

We watched two sailboats just moments ago wrestle the wind and waves. One sailboat looked to be having a terrible time, with ropes and portions of the sail into the sound. They finally dropped their sails and opted to motor away. The second sailboat seemed to navigate the sound a bit better, however, we noticed their sail had tears in it.

UPDATE 2:13 PM: The capsized boat has been left behind. There is a helicopter on the scene now too.  We’re assuming the Coast Guard is trying to figure out how to safely remove the hull. Scupper speculates that the small boat must have been pooped by a following wave.

This is all unfolding south of Alki, about 400 – 500 yards off the shores of Beach Drive.

Nov 15 rescue
UPDATE 2:58 PM: Scupper is at the scene and has heard from a police officer that one person is missing from the boat.

The fire and rescue boat, Leschi, is now involved along with a police boat.

UPDATE 3:11 PM: A person has been retrieved from the Sound and is now in the helicopter.





UPDATE 3:22 PM: The hull is being hooked and it appears that it is attempting to be towed. We’re wondering if the second sailboat that turned back was possibly responding to a distress call?


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