Large Dead Jellyfish

A neighbor from the 4700 block contacted us yesterday regarding large dead jellyfish that were revealed during low tide.

dead jelly fish

From our Beach Drive neighbor, who also provided this photo: “About 20 huge, dead jellyfish washed up on our beach today. Anyone know what’s happening?”

According to the Seattle Aquarium, the Puget Sound is home to over  340 different types of jellyfish and even when dead, they still have the potential to sting.

I’m not finding information as to why so many would be dead. Do any of our readers know?


  1. “Shore authorities reported that the jellyfish were suspiciously found atop a bed of Peanut Butter Barnacles and a loaf of Toast Fish”…..

  2. West Seattle Blog is reporting that several star fish (sea stars) have recently died off the shores of Lincoln Park too.

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