Could be a wild ride!

I was a bit surprised to see a few boats still on their moorage buoys this afternoon. Past Septembers have been pretty mild as far as wind & waves but this one’s a different story. Tonight’s forecast of an all out storm fits weather patterns in November thru February rather than a summer month.

I spotted this “summer like” setup off of Lowman Park tonight while the wind was starting to freshen from SE.



I wish the owner best of luck if the waves actually materialize near the forecasted heights of 5 to 8 feet!

DSC_1034 Calm seas at 6:30PM



Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog


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  1. Adrienne Stanton says

    Does anyone know what the dark mustard colored, powdery spots and speckles falling from somewhere, are? They are on everything outside…wood, cement, glass, cars etc. I would appreciate knowledge on this…never seen them before.

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