Have a FUN and SAFE Independence Day… and SPD Safety Newsletter

From our home to yours, we wish you a fun filled and safe Independence Day!

Speaking of “safe”, you’ll want to read the latest Seattle Police Department Community Newsletter (click here) .  Apparently someone who works for Comcast on contract, driving one of their trucks, had used his position at Comcast to scope out a house for a possible burglary. If you have not made an appointment for Comcast (or any service) and they show up at your door, lock the door and call Comcast (or the company) to verify that service is needed BEFORE letting them in your home.

The SPD newsletter also has important summertime crime prevention tips… and a reminder for Seattle Night Out which is on August 6th this year.

If you have a Seattle Night Out event planned in your Beach Drive neighborhood, feel free to post in on our Facebook page or let us know – we’re happy to help promote it.

Happy 4th! 🙂

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