Talk’n Lings and Shrimp’n in the hood this week!

 Have I mentioned lately just how great this time of year is around here??? Ling cod season opened this glorious morning with boats swarming the south Alki Rock Pile or what we call “Mediation Reef” from an earlier post.

DSC 1003
Popular Ling Cod fishery located just off the 4800 block of Beach Drive

… and if that wasn’t enough excitement to float your boat, the short Spotted Shrimp season starts this Saturday morning! A good local shrimp hole is along the NE side of Vashon Island. Get you telescope out and check out the hundred or so boats pulling up the scrumptious booty from 250 feet below the surface. These fine crustaceans are considered some of the finest shrimp in the entire world!!

IMG 0600
Cleetus, an old shrimp’n Beach Drive neighbor displays his catch from 2012

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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