Spring seal pup beached near sidewalk at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint

A Beach Drive resident & his dog kept a tight perimeter around the site of a snoozing young seal pup this morning. He quickly acted on the situation by alerting Seal Sitters which he happened to volunteer with in a prior year.

DSC 0963
Gordon with his Collie named Sophie coordinate with Seal Sitter volunteer
DSC 0969
Pup worked it’s way up sliver of beach
DSC 0965
DSC 0966
Stairs to lower section of Emma Schmitz closed off ’till momma fetches her pup!


Updated Information!

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks so much for the coverage of seal pup Shamrock at Emma Schmitz yesterday. However, I thought your readers would want to know that all harbor seal pups right now are weaned and anywhere from 6-8 months old. There are no pups waiting for mom to come back for them as reported in the post. 🙂

Harbor seal pupping season is late June – September in Puget Sound. Seal pupping season will be beginning, however, shortly on the outer coast of Washington and Oregon. Here is a link to a map that shows months pupping seasons in the various regions of Washington State:


All the best,

Robin Lindsey

robinlindseyphotography.com sealsitters.org blubberblog.org

co-author of the children’s book about seal pups, Leopard and Silkie

Scupper reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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  1. Hey, That might be the same seal pup from that “Seal pup slip n’ slide” video on youtube!

  2. Gordon, thank you for waiting so our Seal Sitter first responder could immediately spot the pup and quickly secure the site. Sophia, we hope you got a nice walk after displaying such patience and restraint. Thanks to all the passersby who were understanding of the need to close off the lower walkway. By the way, this was a weaned pup who has to feed itself and who needed to rest after a night of foraging. Thanks Beach Drive community!

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