Salvage attempt for sunken Trimaran – LIVE POST

EDITORS NOTE: We’re updating this post as our intrepid reporter, Scupper, provides us with new footage. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the most recent photos and video.

It’s a blustery morning to be salvaging the sunken trimaran Nunga Nunga Nue off the shores of Harbor West Condos and Cormorant Cove Park. Northern Marine Salvage is currently on site with The Sea Horse.


Low tide is a 7.04 at 8:52 am and we have a small craft advisory through this afternoon.

UPDATE 9:00 am.

feb21 salvage

UPDATE 9:15 am.

feb21 salvage crain

9:30 update: the next high tide will be 9.5 at 1:19 pm today. Weather tomorrow is forecast to be nastier than today.

feb21 salvage crain 1

Scupper reports that the cost of this salvage is being paid for by the derelict boat fund which is a $3 additional fee on boat tabs. For the record, the Skipper’s tabs on his power boat are up to date.

UPDATE 10:08 am: More video of the salvaging of the trimaran.

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