Anyone have a winch to help out “The Skipper”

 The “Skipper” of the sunken trimaran is trying to rescue his power boat. He is at the boat ramp at Cormorant Cove Park by Harbor West Condos (3701 Beach Drive SW). The ramp does not allow motorized vehicles so could use a little help – and he needs it soon or he’ll be fighting the tides which are going out around 11:30 this morning.

If someone has a motorized winch – something attached to their 4×4 vehicle that he could use to pull his trailer and boat up and then hook up to his van, the “Skipper” will be on his way.  He’s trying to save the last of his boat.

He would greatly appreciate any help.

feb19 boat


  1. Scupper…I appreciate your nonjudgmental updates of this situation. I’m sure that the skipper appreciates your help. Wish I had a wench.

  2. Hi Susan, according to Scupper, someone is at the park to help the skipper out… along with an upset condo owner who does not want them on the boat ramp.

    We are checking with the Seattle Parks department and confirming that the boat ramp by Harbor West Condos is public.

    The ramp does not allow for motorized vehicles (hand carry only) which is why there was the call-out for the winch.

    I hope he gets his boat soon!

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