Thank You for a great season, Seahawks!

September is less than 9 months away!

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  1. Tracy @ WSB says

    Whatever it was, it was NOT Seattle Police, the night lieutenant just told us – their police boats weren’t over here.

  2. Hi Tracy – they had red and blue flashing lights with a huge search light and very slowly cased the sound back and forth – could it be coast guard?

    • Tracy @ WSB says

      Once in a rare while there’s a drill or practice. Tomorrow I will ask both the USCG and SFD- since the latter has boats too. Did you guys look at while this was happening? I know not everything shows up there, but it’s usually my first check – unfortunately I was out of the mix while this was happening, so I couldn’t check. Patrick was ‘on duty’ at the time and when somebody texted us, he went down to the water to take a look.

  3. Tracy @ WSB says

    And late added word from police that it was the Coast Guard, though SPD doesn’t know exactly what they’re up to. More to come!

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