Possible dead Orca off of Beach Drive [Update: Not dead… and not an Orca]

West Seattle Herald is reporting (via Facebook) a possible dead orca off of the shores of Beach Drive:

A dead orca has been spotted off Beach Drive, about 60 feet off shore near 64th SW. We have a reporter on the scene. More shortly.

UPDATE: “Scupper Sr.” is back from the scene. It’s confirmed as a big ol’ napping sea lion with his flipper i

n the air. Good news! Here is the scene from Charles Richey Sr Viewpoint.

sealion e1359685411356
  photo credit: Scupper Sr.


  1. Tracy @ WSB says

    It’s a seal/sea lion, according to Robin from Seal Sitters. Very much alive. Was taking a nap.

  2. Hi Tracy, “Scupper Sr” is back from the scene and has confirmed that as well.

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