Pixie Bob Kitten available

Are you considering adding a kitten to your home? A local West Seattle pixie-bob breeder, Seattle’s Best, has a beautiful kitten available. Her name is Squeaker.  Isn’t she adorable?

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Sherri from Seattle’s Best describes Squeaker as:

Door greeter, loves to talk but quiet purr/chirping, prefers a piece of paper to her furry mouse at the moment but her favorite is a wand toy, sleeps on the bed at night behind your knees, loves racing down the hallway, would love a feline or dog friendly buddy, uses the scratching post faithfully, likes to watch TV with you and if she is sitting on the same piece of furniture as you, has to be touching you, loves having her belly rubbed and being petted, makes biscuits when petted even if she is eating.

She weighs 9lb 5oz at 6.5 months so she is going be a big girl. She has long hair, a beautiful thick almost full length tail. 

If you’re not familiar with the pixie-bob bread, they are more “trainable” than a typical cat. Some say they’re almost dog like as they will come when you call them, play fetch and some even swim or can be walked on a leash.  By the way, “making biscuits” means kneading – I had to ask Sherri!

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Squeaker is $400 and she is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. Of course she is a purebred Pixie Bob and comes with papers, born 06/22/12.

Interested in this sweet Pixie Bob? Contact Sherri.

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