And they call it… Puppy Love!

As my dog was leaving wee-mail on a nearby telephone pole, I thought I was about to read another “missing pet” sign to report on Beach Drive Blog. It was pleasant surprise to see this instead…

photo e1357259938351

Along with this personal note from momma Chloe…

puppy1 e1357260398954

These pups are from Setter Ridge Kennels out of Clinton WA. Their website had this to say about the breed…

English Setters love to be with people and have house time. They are very friendly and affectionate dogs and don’t care to be left out in a kennel.

There are 4 females and 1 male to hold, cuddle and admire… just don’t get too attached to these adorable pure-breds if you know what I mean *wink-wink*!

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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