Beach Drive Holiday Homes

We thought we’d share some photos of neighborhood homes that are decked out for the holidays along Beach Drive.   

DSC 0879
You could say this home by Lowman Beach is being “ducked” out for the holidays.
DSC 0849
We like Santa’s four legged friends on the deck of this home.
DSC 0864
Perched above Beach Drive
DSC 0853
Joy to all!

Would you like to have your festive Beach Drive home or decorated pet featured on Beach Drive Blog? Please send us a photo!


  1. Hi Rhonda and All: Ducky Holidays from Sarah and Ron, the keepers of the Ducky Wonderland.

    Thank you for including our Ducky Holidays Duckorations in the Beach Drive Blog! How ducky is that?

    So, just so you all know, the Ducky Wonderland will continue into the future even as our neighborhood gets tortured for 3 years while King County reinvents it as containing a million-gallon or so underground sewage tank…

    Also, you should know that we produce ducky calendars and greeting cards that can be purchased through

    • Hi Ron, I’d welcome you or someone from your portion of Beach Drive by Lowman Park to cover the sewage tank for us on BDB.

      Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested in being a BDB Reporter 🙂

  2. Hi Rhonda: Sorry for the late reply to your post. I am not so sure you would want me to be a “reporter” re the sewage tank. I have been trying to protect this neighborhood directly adjacent to Lowman Beach Park since 2004…. but, not much luck. I am a renter. My landlord is an angel and understands the “workings” of local gov’t and its generally “bad attitude.” In this case, the baddest of the bad.

    So, you can read my participation in the so-called “democratic advisory process” and the absolute slap in the face we, who comprised the 17 members of the Community Advisory Group to King County re the project, got. Still smarts…

    Links to my blogs and surveys are What Now West Seattle? and One Good Flush Deserves Another.

    So, my part during construction and from now till death do me in, will be to protest the use of the threat of eminent domain in this scenario and the completely one-sided process aided and abetted by Mike McGinn, Dow Constantine, Tom Rasmussen, and Joe McDermott.

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