Why was the dog barking this morning?

You may have heard the dog barking around 3:00 this morning and wondered if it was locked out or alone in it’s home.  We had a couple emails asking if we knew what was going on with the barking dog so we posted it on our Facebook page. 

As it turns out, a dog was actually trapped in the bulk head boulders off of Emma Schmitz View Point this morning. Lucky for this dog, a couple of bicyclist were passing by around 5:00 am this morning when they heard the dogs constant barks. 

From our Facebook page:

“We were out on our morning bike ride, heard barking coming from down by the water, took off our bike lights, and investigated along with another “early morning-er”. We called for Police/Fire help because we could get him out of the rocks. He was trapped *inside* the rock bulkhead”

The pup was taken to Lien Animal Clinic where they were able to find his microchip and reunite him with his owners.

We are so thankful for Dawnie and her fellow “early morning-er” as well as the SPD and Fire Department for rescuing this pup. In my opinion, they’re all heroes! 

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