This Italian beauty has mahogany skin, classic lines and just turned 50!

So there I was sitting out on the deck minding my own business when I hear this beautiful thunder just off the shore of Beach Drive. As I spun my head around, there she was, flying in the water with the classic rooster-tail and rumble that prompted my childhood buddies and I to drag boat shaped wooden blocks behind our stingray bikes!


Her name is Sentimental Hayes and has a proud new owner, Pat Price. Pat tells me she's a Cantieri "Celli" that was originally crafted in 1961, 20 feet in length and may be one of only three imported into the states. 

The I.D. plate reads Cantieri Navali Celli Venezia

From what I can squeeze out of google, the boat builder may have been located on Sant'Elena Island near Venice.


Pat recently purchased this gem where it has sat in Lake Tapps back in the days before they cut down the trees! Here's some more pics as it sits on it's trailer for some fine tuning…




The 390ci Ford motor has been hopped-up to breath like a champ! 


Scupper reporting for Beach Drive Blog



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  1. Oh this little buddy is pure gorgeous, this is so great even just to look at it. I wish I would had one of these.

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