Hammerheads, Humbolt Squid and now this… Opah!

A very unusual fish was recently caught of the coast of Washington – Hawaiian Opah!

Opah is normally caught in warm Pacific Ocean waters near Hawaii.
But, this one was caught by Lou Javet while line fishing on his 42' Troller 32 miles off the Washington coast when he hooked into a sight that he had never seen before fishing here in the Pacific Northwest.  

Lou, a professional fisherman, works with Jon Daniels, owner of West Seattle's own Seattle Fish Company.   Lou is known for bringing in high quality Salmon and other local fish that Jon is interested in selling in his Fish Market, but as Jon says "After 20 years in this business, this one takes the cake!".




The Hawaiian Opah Lou caught is pictured with Darren Wilkerson, a long time West Seattle resident who works at Seattle Fish Company, located at 4435 California Ave S.W.



Seattle Fish Company has recently opened a grill for dining, but "locally caught" Hawaiian Opah has never been on the menu before – at least not until today.


But, if you want to try it – you'd better hurry !!!
Photos and article courtesy of one of our esteemed Beach Drive Blog Correspondents, Friend of Scupper


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